The Scream of Tree

“The scream of Tree” is a rare full-length painted masterpiece by Mr. Wong Pui Kong. In the painting, the giant tree resists the pollution and oppression with a stern. As the world is developing rapidly and trampling the nature, the giant tree has no choice but only to struggle with its last scream. In such a rapidly developing city we are living, we should stop a while and enjoy the remaining scenery.

Mr. Wong Pui Kong

He was born in Macau in 1931. He had lived in Kobe, Japan. He is a tutor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a director of the Hong Kong Artists Association. He was the winner of the Urban Council Fine Arts Award in 1975. He has students all over the world and he is famous in Hong Kong. Mr. Wong's feature of creativity is to express new things with traditional techniques. He does not plan anything before writing and not be restrained. He can write freely and be chill. He also keeps developing the art.

Style of creation

Mr. Wong Pui Kong insists that he has "NO STYLE". He does not plan anything before painting. He allows his first stroke to extend to the second stroke, and the second stroke to extend to the third stroke, and so on. He once said: "No matter what the shape, the color, the style are. If you can make the relative balance, a painting can naturally be made." Maybe "Free" is exactly his "UNIQUE STYLE".

Message to Young Artists

There are no boundaries, no distinction between right and wrong, You can keep improving and pushing your limits rather than being restricted by the shackles of Arts. It is better to create your own and unique art by yourself.

Hopes on Metaverse

There are no boundaries, no distinction between virtuality and reality. Metaverse is exactly the opportunity to extend traditional art to another field. Mr. Wong Pui Kong hopes to unlock the art through this charity auction and open the door of art to the Metaverse. He hopes to provide a space combining "Physicality" and "Virtuality" for young artists, art lovers and collectors to explore art.

Event details

In this charity event, "The Scream of Tree" will be divided into 100 NFTs, each priced at HK$1888 and sold online. All sales revenue will be donated to Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society for the purpose of promoting art.

Benefits of NFT Owners

The print of "The Scream of Tree" with the unique NFT number, signed and stamped by Mr. Wong Pui Kong
A limited edition canvas bag designed by Mr. Wong Pui Kong
The whitelist for the next Artbox NFT project


NFT means Non-fungible token. Unlike the cryptocurrency, NFT is a unique digital asset. No matter it is a painting, an audio, a video or other artworks can also be made into NFT. These digital artworks can be copied indefinitely, but the NFT ownership needs to be authenticated by the blockchain for minting and trading afterwards.

Purchase in HKD (Accept Visa / MasterCard / AlipayHK / FPS / Bank Transfer, not accept Cryptocurrency)

Once NFT is purchased, it cannot be refunded or exchanged.
However, if it is confirmed that the transaction error is caused by Artbox, it can be refunded in cash.
Artbox reserves the right of final decision.

Yes, we will open the marketplace soon.

1. Build the Metaverse Team
Recruiting elites for art, blockchain technology and public relations.

2. Provide a one-stop NFT trading platform for artists
Build the Artbox NFT marketplace and system.

3. Cooperate with famous artists to launch NFT charity project
Raise funds to help young artists in Hong Kong for developing their art.

4. Organize the offline exhibitions with NFT elements
Add the advanced technology into art.

5. Published Artbox Token
As one of the currencies in the Artbox ecosystem.

6. Charitable donations amounted to HKD 10 millions
For promoting art.

7. Set up Artbox concept store to sell artworks
NFT owners have the opportunity to become stakeholders and receive dividends

8. Build a virtual art gallery
Set up an art gallery in Metaverse